“Working women can’t wait 2 more years for pay equity!”

Thursday October 6, 2016

Ottawa, ON – “Working women can’t wait two more years for pay equity legislation,” said a disgusted Heather Kelley, IAM Grand Lodge Representative and Women’s Rights advocate.

Kelley was speaking about a News Release issued by the Federal Government late yesterday afternoon: “Despite the Federal Government recognizing that pay equity is a human right, their release shows that this human right can wait, explained Kelley. “The government spent the last two years hearing from women across the Country, and we have examples of Provincial Pay Equity plans already working.”

IAM Canadian General Vice President Stan Pickthall concurs: “This report does nothing for working women today; it just doesn’t go far enough. Two more years of waiting for the legislation and then whatever time it will take for implementation.  We know that the Gender Wage Gap is real; will there be retroactivity for working women?”

“The Liberal government’s strategy is very transparent,” said Kelley. “They’re dragging their feet – two years of consultation followed by another two years on how to frame and implement this legislation will bring them to the end of their mandate – providing them with the perfect election platform to attract women voters. It’s manipulation of women’s rights pure and simple.”

The IAM joins the Canadian Labour congress in calling on Justin Trudeau and the Liberal Government to step up now with pro-active pay equity legislation.

“Why,” asks Pickthall. “Because it’s 2016.”