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2023 Negotiations

Negotiations with Badanai, Doninion, Pinewood and Mascarins have began.

May 16, 17 and 18 are now confirmed with Pinewood, Badanai and Dominion for our first round of negotiations. Mascarins has not responded as of today!

Pre-Budget Consultation

Friday, October 14
9:00 am – 10:30 am
Moose Hall: 434 Fort William Road

As we build on our momentum to grow the middle class and position Canada for the global economy of tomorrow, it is your insights which will shape our vision for Budget 2017.
Some of the themes we are going to touch upon include:
Where can we invest to create more and better jobs?
What opportunities should new graduates look forward to?
How can we ensure we position Canadian businesses to compete around the world?
How can we make sure our success is shared with those who need it most?

This session will be only one of the ways you can provide your input for Budget 2017. If you would prefer to share your ideas online, you may do so at: You can also reach out to us on Twitter, using the hashtag #PBC17.

What Does An Accessible Canada Mean To You?

Tuesday, October 11
4:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Italian Cultural Centre: 132 Algoma Street South

Canadians, communities and workplaces benefit when everyone can participate equally in everyday life. There has been much progress in making our society more inclusive, but we can do better.

This is why the Government of Canada is committed to developing new accessibility legislation to promote equality of opportunity and increase the inclusion and participation of Canadians who have disabilities or functional limitations.

The Government of Canada is seeking your ideas for this new legislation, including:

feedback on the overall goal and approach;
whom it should cover;
what accessibility issues and barriers it should address; how it could be monitored and enforced;
when or how often it should be reviewed; how and when to report to Canadians on its implementation; and
how to more generally raise accessibility awareness and support organizations in improving accessibility.

Canadians are encouraged to participate in the local public session or the online consultation by completing the questionnaire in the language of their choice and preferred format such as digital, handwritten, video or audio submissions. Canadians can provide their input online or by telephone, mail, email, fax and TTY.