Grand Lodge Convention delegate and alternate nominations to be held, April 16 at regular monthly meeting and elections to follow, May 21 at regular monthly meeting.

          International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers LL 1120



Members who reside in outlying Districts more than 25 miles (40 km) from the designated balloting place, members who are either confined because of a verified illness or on leave qualifying under U.S. and Canadian family leave laws, or on vacation, retirees more than 25 miles (40km) away from their residence on election day, or on official I.A.M. business approved by the Local Lodge or District Lodge or Grand Lodge, or on an employer travel assignment, or reserve military leave, as the case may be, shall be furnished absentee ballots. Members applying for an absentee ballot on the basis of residing in an outlying district more than 25 miles from the designated balloting place, shall have their eligibility to vote by absentee ballot determined by the Recording Secretary and the Secretary Treasurer before the ballot is mailed. Members found not to be eligible to vote by absentee ballot will be so notified within 10 days of the receipt of their application.

Having read and understood the Article and Section above, I request an Absentee Ballot for this

Election because:

______I live more than 25 miles (40 km) from the place of balloting

______ I am a retiree who will be more than 25 miles (40 km) from my residence on election day

______ I will be on vacation

______ Company Travel Assignment

______ Official I.A.M. Business

______ Verified Illness

To ensure that your Absentee Ballot is received without delay, please PRINT all the information requested and forward by Canada Post or HAND DELIVERED by the REQUESTEE to the Recording Secretary of the Local Lodge.


Name __________________________    Union Card No.____________________

Home Address___________________________________________________

Postal Code ___________       Work Location__________________________

Signature __________________________

The Absentee Ballot should be addressed to:     Recording Secretary

                                                                                     1200 Walsh Street W

                                                                       Thunder Bay, ON P7E 4X4

* Absentee Ballot Request forms must be received 15 days prior to the Election.